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Mitzvot are all the rage,
and for good reason.

Mitzvot are our spiritual fuel. The why to our what. Our Raison D’être. The way we make a difference in the world.

There are quite a few Mitzvot out there. 613 to be exact. If we are going to start somewhere, which ones are most essential? Which are most impactful? Where should we begin?

The Rebbe so beautifully highlighted 10 Mitzvot which are highly focused, impactful and uplifting.

Check out these 10 ways to own your Judaism. Explore the how, why and what behind them.

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CYP’s curated
reading list

Have you considered some home decorating improvements?


Whether furniture, plants or a clocks, how we choose to decorate

our living space sets the tone and mood of our environment. ⁣

As Jews, we are known as people of the book.
With the purchase

of Jewish books, you can transform and elevate your home.

Their presence will create a mood that will uplift you and your guests. ⁣

Buying books is a good investment - it ages quite gracefully.

All about Kosher

The food we consume plays a big role in our health.

Healthy eating leads to healthy living.

Spiritually healthy eating leads to spiritually healthy living. 

Enter: Kosher - the G-d given guide that allows us

to infuse our bodies with an elevated, holy eating experience.


Next time you grab breakfast to go, break for lunch,

or have dinner with friends, it is no longer simply

a gastronomical delight. It becomes a spiritual experience,

inviting G-d to join in your meal too.

Healthy Food

Mezuzah - Divine Protection

A symbol of Jewish pride. An open invitation to welcome the Divine. 


Meet: Mezuzah. 

From its perch on your doorway, a Mezuzah provides protection and security.

The Shema prayer inscribed within it affirms G-ds unity and presence in our lives.

A Mezuzah is an expression of the watchful eye of G-d that constantly protects us, giving personal attention that only the Divine can provide.

A G-dly embrace.

Tzedakah -
No small change

We all have our morning self care routines.

Some of us run. Some (most?!) of us drink a steaming cup of coffee. ⁣


How about trying some self-less care? ⁣


Dropping a coin in a charity box to start your day, is a game changer.

It creates a powerful conscious awareness of the value of giving to others. ⁣


Tefillin - a badge of Jewish pride

A badge of pride. ⁣

A display of our unwavering faith and identity.⁣

The unfaltering formula of connection between man and Creator.⁣

These are the Tefillin. The symbol marks an engagement with the Divine through the trifecta of mind, heart, and body.

Think global. Act local

What if someone said to you, "I love you, but I don't like your children?"

You might say: "You may think that you love me, but you don't really.

You don't care for what I care most deeply about. Obviously, you don't know anything about me, and you don't know what love is, either!"

Wanna know the quickest way to G-d’s heart? Loving who G-d loves. People.

There is a reason the Mitzvah of loving your fellow is kinda high up there as far as Mitzvot go.


Jewish Education - the gift of knowledge

So often, education is viewed as studying a subject for the purpose of mastering it.

To gain a skill. To get a degree. To further a career. ⁣⁣

In Judaism, education goes far beyond study for the purpose of making a better living.

It’s to make a better life. For yourself. For your community. For society as a whole. ⁣

View each experience in your life as a teaching moment for yourself.

How can this make me a better person? How can this better the people around me? ⁣⁣⁣

Torah - intellect of the divine

For millennia, people have asked: What is the secret to Jewish continuity?

How have we survived and thrived through thousands of years of hate,

persecution and genocide? How have we maintained our identity,

values and relationship with G-d despite all we’ve faced?


Our survival is not due to our might, brains or luck.

There is one thing that has kept the Jewish people throughout all of history.

The Torah.

Torah is more than just books of Jewish information.

It is the core of our Jewish identity. The most meaningful and deep way

to connect to G-d, on an intellectual level.

Torah is our spiritual guide to the ups and downs of life.


Mikvah - Spa for the soul

Meet the Mikvah.⁣

A pristine pool of water that will infuse your wedding,

marriage & relationship with purity.

A Mikvah redefines the rhythm of your relationship,

painting layers of passion and peace, romance and serenity.

Invite the divine into your marriage uncovering the holiness

and spirituality within the joy of intimacy by using the Mikvah.

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