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Meditation From Sinai

The Torah was given at Sinai.


So were the meditative tools to help us open up, see more, and live more deeply.

This course teaches the what, how, why, where, and when of Divine Meditation, Mindful Awareness, and Soulful Transcendence.

Join us on our 4-week journey, connecting with our inner selves, and becoming mindful of the world around us, with the secrets that the Jewish people have had for over 3000 years.

*Part 1: 


You can sign up for one part or both.

The course cost is $60 for both parts ($30 for one)

*Student Handbooks Included

Special Incentive

Complete the course to receive a $200 voucher towards a life-changing CYP Encounter, with a diverse set of opportunities throughout the year.

(FYI The full Early bird cost (airfare not incl.) for the CYP Encounter in Brooklyn this upcoming January is $200)

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Rabbi Mendel Lebovics

Course Guide

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